Kenyatta’s “funny” signatures aren’t a laughing matter


To the naked, untrained eye, it is pretty clear that the signatures between two reports do not match, not just based on the variations in handwriting, but also in the apparent misspelling of Johnson’s own name – “Kennyatta”.


Are Kenyatta Johnson’s Campaign Finance Reports Even Real?


Top picture is his last campaign finance report.  The page underneath is from his report filed at the beginning of last year.


Kenyatta’s funny signatures

Not only do the two signatures not appear remotely similar, but the scrawl on last year’s report actually reads “Kennyatta.” In other words, the signature is either bogus, his clone’s or Kenyatta briefly forgot how to spell his name, right?  Wrong – both may be forged. A signature pulled from Johnson’s mortgage document clearly shows a third set of handwriting, which does not resemble the other two.