Fox questions 2nd District Council candidate about whether he lives in the district

Fox29 isn’t so sure Johnson lives at the South Philly address he says he does. When presented with a water bill from the South Philly address that showed no charges over six months, Johnson said he’s just a conservative utility user.

City Council Rising

…Council members who got the worst reviews were Kenyatta Johnson.

Numerous staffers from multiple offices identified Johnson as an aloof “do-nothing” with the habit of spending more time in Council sessions texting than listening.

Said one contact: “I’m surprised Kenyatta has phoned it in as much as he has because he only won [his district seat] by 60 something votes. He has the tightest margin of victory out of anybody. I would have expected him to be a workhorse when he got it and he really hasn’t been. “

He’s the only one who actually took the summer off.

“If he doesn’t make it to another term, that might be just as well,” said one staffer. Others blamed poor staff choices as limiting his ability to craft wide-reaching legislation.