Councilman’s “nonprofit” isn’t a nonprofit


Peace Not Guns, Inc. is not now and never has been a federally registered non-profit.  “It’s definitely not ethical to represent yourself as a 501(c) 3 when in fact you’re not one, and it’s possibly illegal,” said Zack Stalberg, CEO of the good government watchdog group Committee of Seventy.

Christopher Sample, Johnson’s chief of staff… said that the councilman has not kept any financial records for Peace Not Guns: “There are no financials for it at all. We don’t raise any money for it. It’s just a concept, really, just (Johnson’s) way of talking about the issue. He might do a roundtable for Peace Not Guns, or a rally, but there’s nothing financial for that.”  According to sources familiar with the office, Peace Not Guns did in fact raise funds, and various news reports and press releases dating back to 2008 appear to support that claim.