Problems with Kenyatta Johnson’s campaign-finance filings

The incumbent 2nd District councilman filed a series of corrections to his 2012 and 2013 campaign-finance filings. The corrections were enormous, showing over $61,000 in previously unreported expenses and nearly $11,000 in new contributions.

Both years include donations directly from Wawa Inc. and real estate firms JDT International and Switzenbaum & Associates. State law forbids direct donations from private corporations. “Under state law those appear to be illegal contributions,” said Tim Dowling, campaign finance specialist at the City Commissioners office. 

 David Thornburgh of the government watchdog group Committee of Seventy, agreed that whether or not Johnson was merely the unsuspecting victim of a rogue treasurer was irrelevant.  “It seems like a distraction to suggest these errors were the fault of someone on staff,” he said.  “The buck stops with the candidate and the candidate has to take responsibility for their documents.”